The History of 659H Racing 

  Tim is no beginner when it comes to racing. As a child he had a family member who owned a 1/8 mile drag strip in Wind Gap, PA. He would spend hours walking around there, amazed at all the excitement surrounding the races. Around the age of 14 another relative Reds Christman took him into the pits at Nazareth Speedway and Moc-A-Tek Speedway. " I thought drags where the best, But when I seen 24 cars drag down the front stretch and turn sideways, then drag down the back stretch and turn, Well I was hooked, oval track was king " Reds was a car owner who had Street Stock championships at Dorney Park and Moc-A-Tek Speedway. At age 17 he joined the Military, where he worked as a mechanic. He was stationed in Friedberg Germany which was the same place that Elvis Presley was.

  After getting out of the Army Tim started racing Demolition Derby's at numerous fairgrounds, and asphalt track Street Stocks at Mahoning Speedway with his brother Mike. He ran a 69 nova with a motor built from the junkyard. He also raced a few enduros where his best finish was in 3rd right behind Earl Paules Jr and Tony Hirschman, who both went on to become very well known names in racing.

  Tim got married and started a family. They had 3 children Amanda, Tim, and Tyler. But as what happens to often, the marriage fell apart and they got a divorce. During this time he also lost his Grandfather Stanley Hahn. He took to drugs and alcohol, which lead him in and out of jail. Everything looked to be going down hill for him and he ended up in the State Penitentiary for a number of years.

  From Prison he was sent to Madison House East, which is a recovery house for people with drug and alcohol problem. This is where he met Larry Gurreri the old fellow who owned Madison House. Larry taught him how to stay focused and to help others. Tim did so well in this program that Larry passed the business on to him when he died. During this time Tim met a very special women, Sharon Palm. She taught him prayer, love, and being kind to others. Unfortunately she has passed on as well. But the memory of her, as well as Larry, and his grandfather Stanley live on. His racecar is in memory of these 3 great people who did so much for him.

  In 2006 Tim bought a Camaro and ran a few races in the rookie rumble. He did pretty good for being away from racing for almost 18 years. So... he said to the guy lets go racing and they started the 659H racing team. the next year he bought a Camaro from Mike Walls. Which he ran at Susquehanna Speedway in the Extreme Stock division. And he was able to get 9th place in his first full season. The next year he purchased Mike Goodwin's Monte Carlo and fought his way up to 5th. In 2009 he continued to move up and took home 4th in points for the year. In 2010 things got even better when he finished off the season in 2nd.

  Tim added a few other drivers to the team. which include Rich Day and Robert Fryberger. Rich and Robert both started out in the mini van division, with Rich moving up to Extreme Stocks and Robert moving to Road Warriors. Tim also sponsors a lot of other drivers just look for the Madison House logo. Its everywhere! The success of a driver relies on a good pit crew and with Larry Erb as his go to guy, they have managed to put together a very successful race team.